Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Worst time of the year!! >:(

Oh mann....!! It's that time of the year again :( No! not the GSS or year-end sales... but the dreaded period where u have to file ur income 4 tax review!!! Geez..

As usual, i have forgotten to file it till it's past the deadline..*duh-uh* Nothing new in dat i know... think someone oughta just get me something to hold my thots in since everything keeps draining outta my head like a sieve! *sigh* And to top it all, i can't recall wat my SINGPASS password is?!! *$#@!*

Have decided not to trust my grey matter any further. Will simply text my ah bang & have him remind me tonight. ;"P So ppl.. if ur like me... puh-lease, file ur income tax asap. Surely u don't want those BIG BROTHERS coming after u.. *hee hee* Cheerio!

Monday, April 14, 2008

NYDC Cafe Gathering: April 2008

L-R: Serene, Wendy, Shellen,Stephanie.

L-R: Serene, Wendy, Shellen, Stephanie, Regina, Michelle, Usha

Hey babes! These are some pix from tonight's gathering.. a pity it's also sorta a farewell thingy for Shellen =( Miz u already gal... *sob* sob* Anyways, I'm certain everyone had a good time...eating..drinking..gossiping!! Can't believe that in 14 days, our dearest fren & colleague will be flying off to *Brrr..* freezing Canada!

Shall we make it a point to see her off @ the airport then? Just in case u r interested... she'll be flying on KLM airline on 28/4/08 at 11pm at night.. so do ur homework & find out which flight no. she's on eh.. *hee* Sorry Shell! i know u wanted a quiet non-teary farewell.. but it seems we're determined to make u bawl!! (",)

Oh! and Shell, don't worry...this blog's update is onli sent to a selected few... so u won't get a barrage of ppl coming by the airport to bid u farewell. *hee*

*Yawn* Well, guess it's bedtime 4 me now.. catch ya gals tmr morning!! Sweet dreams!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

** Blonde Moment **

OMG!!!! I'm so having a blonde moment here...... Can u believe this?!!! i'd some time on hand so decided to return my library books b4 i accumulated more fines. Walked to the bus-stop, waited 15min for my bus.. boarded bus 83 & started on my 15min journey to compass point. Arrived at the bus interchange & whaddya know?!!! I FORGOT MY DAMN BOOKS!!! **damnez-le** yeah..yeah...I know wat u'll be saying ppl.. dat's so typical of me. =(

Anyways.. here i am back home again.. with a new resolution. I've decided it's easier to loan "e-books" off the net. At least there won't be a repetition of the above scenario.*bleah* And no more worries about library fines!! *wink_wink*

Enjoy your Sunday dearies.. I'm off to loan some E-books now! Ta..Ta (",)

'ello..'ello !!

Hiya ppl! Looks like i've finally thrown in the towel to join u guys in this blogging biz. *hee* (",)

*hmm*.. wat should i start off with? Perhaps a HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY wish to Serene's son, Jonathan. May u always be blessed with such a cheery countenance!!

And a belated birthday wish to Serena.. *Gee* i didn't forget ur birthday...HONEST!! (",) just meant to sent u this really cute card but it's only for belated it had to arrive late! *lol*

oki, b'day wishes settled... time 4 a bit of food now!! *tummy rumbling* How convenient that the pasar malam's here again... can have my fav. RAMLI BURGER!!! *yummy* Ta! 4 now dearies... my stomach calls..!!